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As time passes by swimming pool repairing may require for your pool. It all depends on the pool condition, location, or type of swimming pool .

Pool Repairing

Swimming pool repairing for pool tiles, pool fittings such as lights, inlets drain or ladder, etc. Also, inside the pump room equipment, pump, filters, etc. may require some repairing work. Our team visits your location to understand the actual requirement and quote the best price for repairing work.

Leak Rectification

It is always the biggest challenge to identify the leakage of the pool. If the swimming pool is on the top floor of the building, water leakage may create problems in other apartments below. Finding the root cause of the leak is very significant. Our experts identify the leak and offer the best possible way to rectify the leak permanently.

Full Renovation

If the pool is not in working condition for a long time, it may require a complete renovation along with the pumproom. Also, some changes in the pool or considering water features may be the best option.


There are 3 different types of indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Pool rectification requirements for these pools are different, depending on the actual pool condition.

Following 3 types of pools constructed in indoor and outdoor pools: -

  • Overflow pool
  • Infinity Pool
  • Skimmer pool

We offer pool repairing and complete renovation services for all types swimming pools.



We offer pool repairing and complete renovation services for all types swimming pools.

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