Steam and Sauna

We offer services related to steam and sauna installation and maintenance works.


Steam or sauna are useful for a healthy lifestyle. Installation and regular maintenance are necessary for these luxury facilities.

We offer services related to installation, maintenance, and repairing work including all types of equipment involved in both steam and sauna rooms. wraptrend offers best services as per the client requirements.

Advance Technology

Our team has experts for installation and repairing works. We use the latest available types of equipment for installation complying with all the safety standards.

Expert Engineer

We have an experienced technical team, who are capable of handling any task and complete the job with safe manner and comply with all the quality requirements.

Ontime Delivery

Our project management team constantly monitors the approved project schedule and deliver or handover the project on time as per the client's requirement.

Customer Support

Contact us for all your requirements by phone, Whatsapp or mail. Our representative will contact you at the earliest and assist you further.

  • Steam room installation
  • Sauna room installation
  • Maintenance and repairing
steam and sauna bath

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