We offer AMC services for all residential and commercial pools.


Regular Swimming pool cleaning and repair are necessary to maintain the pool in good condition. For pool cleaning, our Team visits on regular basis as per the schedule and maintains the pool neat and tidy. All the COVID regulations are strictly followed.

Swimming Pool Cleaning

Swimming pool water may get dirty due to the trash and small particles on the water due to nearby trees and wind. Tree leaves and dead branches may fall on the water. And pool water becomes dirty and not suitable for use. Therefore, regular cleaning and removing these floating objects from the water by using a telescopic net from the water is necessary.

Pool Vaccum

A pool vacuum with a hose, is used to clean the pool bottom surface. One side of the hose is to the pool suction opening and the other end is connected to the vacuum to eliminate the dirt, soil, and other debris from the pool bottom surface. All the dirt and debris were cleaned to eliminate slippery Algae, sand, and other debris from the water.

Chemical balancing

Regular use of the pool may get dirty and form bacteria in the water. To maintain it clean and necessary equipment such as dosing pumps fixed in the pump room for the filtration system. Also, chemicals are added manually in some cases. Testing kit used to measure and maintain the chemical on the required level. Also, third-party lab tests are performed for the pool water as per the municipality's requirements.

Annual Maintaninace Contract (AMC)

We offer swimming pool cleaning and maintenance services for all the residential and commercial pools. A contract is prepared based on the agreed scheduled visits in a month.

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